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My VIP ?
Since vandetta has decided to completely ignore. I made request for Vip refund more than a week ago, not one responded. Sent vandetta couple of messages not received single reply as well. 
So here i am, making this thread to let you know @Vandetta, that you still not refunded my Vip. 
These are the screen shots of my vip. I don't have other proofs, cause it was donated by Joky. 
Just to make it clear, that my current password is same as my old account's password. You can ask questions to make sure its me. 
I hope this won't be ignored like my other requests.
Nobody ignored you, Vandetta is busy irl. This problem will get sorted out once he's back.
[Image: O4bZELY.gif]
Well, it has already been more then a week. When we will he come back ?
checked it, ask any lvl5+ to set back your vip
@Immortal Can you provide your in-game name?
[Image: 8gTw0D5.png]
Vip level 2 status added ingame. Thankyou for donating!
[Image: PumfMj5.png]

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