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The Patrician - Community Tag Application
[size=undefined]ULTIMATE GAMING[/size]

Community tag application

[size=undefined]Your account ID(check /stats ingame or UCP):
COD:GW: 10666

What are your full current in-game names:
COD:GW: The_Patrician[322]

List all the names you have used previously:

What is your age in real life:

What country do you live in:

What server do you play the most:

Are you currently in a clan or a faction, if yes, write the name of it:
Yes: SkullAndBones A.K.A [322]

Have you ever been kicked from a clan or a faction, if yes, write the reason(s):

Have you been punished within the last 7 days, if yes, write the reason(s) and name the server in which you were punished:

If you applied for the [UG] tag in past, post a link to all your previous applications:

Why would you like to wear the [UG] tag (100 words minimum):
I would like to be given the [UG] community tag in order for me to represent the server from the perspective of other players so that my help can be regarder easier. I am an old member, both in the UG and the AG version, and I was accepted as a mod on the previous server.I think I can help the server grow, since there are a lot of new players that join these days, and if they are not hooked in by helpful and kind people, they wont stay around for long, so I want to help you guys since there are not a lot of admins and the ones that are online need some help.

Why should we not consider you for the [UG] tag:
I dont have tolerance for insulting players, so I will disregard their questions if they prove to be rude, however I can control myself if they start insulting me, etc.

Picture of the stats from the server you play the most:
when are u mostly active?
and kindly fix the bb code of yours
[Image: jZfjvNX.gif]
Aimbotter banned Smile
[Image: 7OPkOhM.png]
Kuy itu kontol - Casannooba
Accepted You may wear Tag anywhere anytime
[Image: xxXPnva.png]
Support for this guy

For all the other jerks above the SAMP server is closed, not the community. Community tag still exist.
Kuy itu kontol - Casannooba
Shut up @Ariq
[Image: giphy.gif]

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