Dear Players, you've probably never expected this, nor did I. I'll go straightly into the subject. About 3 weeks ago, i received an information(thanks to spies/asslickers whatever you call them) about your beloved scripter locmax planning to sell meand Hazard out with his friend xOFSx by moving the files and DB away then deleting them from AG to prevent me from using them in the future. I didn't take any action until I saw it myself from that spy account on discord because I needed to make sure that the leaked information is true. At this momement I revoked all access to files, removed hosted tab, and left the server to die on it's own just to prove a point. I personally spent hundrends if not over 1000+ hour managing/babysitting the server, and over 2000+ EUR was spent from my/hazard/ and donors money on it during it's almost 3 years life, indeed we didn't deserve to be backstabbed like this. Magically, LocMax remembered to fix alot of the Server's major bugs just few days after I revoked his access, We've called over 100 times since 6 months to these stuff to be fixed, however he was busy playing 24/7 screwing around in other servers while We had the headache of the decreasing playercount and related issues for months. Although Me and Hazard lost interest a very long time and but we've allocated as much as possible of our very limited time to keep it the community alive, but we can't work anymore with that guy. Thanks everybody for your support, from managers, admins, Donators and players. I'll be graduating from University in exactly 2 months, until then I'll keep this site inactive. Expect pretty news by the Summer.