General Pardon


There are currently 42 players playing on Advance Gaming's servers!


Advance Gaming is a gaming community opened on April 22nd, 2014. Since then, it continuously kept growing. The mottos of the community are "advance with us", and "performance matters", first motto indicating that we'll continue to advance and expand on other games beside GTA, and second motto meaning that we will always consider how we perform in the community. We are here to entertain our players and provide a fun gaming environment. You can always contact one of the owners in case of issues or doubts and your issue will be resolved.

Unique script

All our servers use unique scripts made by our developers. We will always ensure of a fun and entertaining gaming environment for our players with many abilities, options and features implemented based on our player's suggestions


The community is built by our players. The community isn't made by staff members and management. It's made by our players who provide us with feedback, suggestions and help us improve by submitting bug reports and giving us their general feedback on the whole community. Player's opinions are considered golden as they're the ones that tell us what's wrong and what can be fixed.

Clans and factions

Every server has a board dedicated to the server's clans or factions. Every player can make his own clan or faction if he meets the requirements to make one. Joining a clan or a faction will make the gameplay even better as you will meet new friends who will be by your side in the gameplay and will go with you till the death.


We regularly organize tournaments within our community. The tournaments offer major rewards for the winners, the rewards can vary from score, money, vip levels and awards. Being in a clan or a faction can increase your chances of winning a clan or faction related tournament as you can rely on your clan or faction members.


Our staff members are here to serve the players. They will help you, guide you and teach you how to play in the server you're playing. They also ensure that the server is clean from rule breakers and hackers who disturb the gameplay of others. For any questions or issues, you may always submit a topic in our "Administrative support" board where our staff will help you out.


We will never force you to donate and we will never allow donators to break the rules and be unpunished. We are a gaming community made to entertain and provide good gaming experience. Donating will help us to cover the cost of the hosts and to keep the community running on strong servers and with minimum downtime.


General Pardon

CnR Release Date

Bullying will never be tolerated.


The Advance Gaming Community holds a plethora of history and advancements despite it only being around for a bit over a year. Founded by LocMax, Vandetta and Hazard on April 22nd, 2014, all three of them still remain active in keeping the server alive and bringing in new additions to keep it fresh and interesting. The very first server of the Advance Gaming Community was a simple TDM script with 2 teams based in the Las Venturas City. The name of the server, at the time, was known as "Battlefield - Desert Storm". Eventually, the script was completely remade from scratch and customized to the needs of the Community and from then on the server's name was then known as "Call of Duty - Global Warfare." This server was one of the biggest advancements the Community made. From 2 teams, there are now 10 teams. From 4 classes, there are now 13 classes. From just the city of Las Venturas, the map now goes from whole Desert, City of Las Venturas and City of San Fierro, along with the sea between the Desert and San Fierro. The server as well holds a big amount of unique features that may keep you interested, like Antennas, Intelligence Briefcases, Clan system, Care packages, Vehicles with interiors that you can enter for transport and much more. Later on in December of 2015, a developer named Roun started development of a CnR gamemode. Firstly thought of being named "Straight Outta Ganton", we decided for a more simple name "Advance Cops'n'Robbers". The server consists of various features, there are numerous classes to choose from: Police, SWAT, FBI, Military, Weapon dealer, Drug dealer and many more. The server also consists of a dynamic house and business system, allowing houses and businesses to be created easily using a command, and allowing the owners to customize their property equally simple by using a command. The business will give you profit according to the number of citizens which enter it and purchase an item from it. There is also a drug system, specifically multiple substances like weed and heroin which can be gained and used to sell for a higher price to other dealers. If you prefer a simpler way of gaining money, go ahead and rob a business! It's always your choice what would you want to do and how. The Community's name, Advance Gaming, albeit it sounding a bit odd is actually a way to say that the Community is constantly advancing forward. On the Advance Gaming forums, we have an active board filled with Suggestions, where our Developers constantly work towards implementing the popular and possible ones. The Community's motto, "Advance with us" and "Performance matters" are the ones we strive to achieve. While we keep the server's performance to a high standard we understand that the performance of our staff members, managers and the community owners along with overall security is needs to be kept within high standard as well. To ensure that the server can consistently provide fun and an enjoyable experience to more than 125+ players daily, we have about 35 professional and experienced Administrators for the community. While lower level admins are better off tasked to ensure cheaters and rule breakers are punished appropriately, higher level admins assist both in-game and on the forums, handling unban requests and so on. Finally, a small team of Managers is tasked with managing various aspects of the server and the community such as hiring and promoting administrators, to conducting internal investigations, and ensuring the admins always hold themselves to a professional standard both when on admin duty and off it.